Afghanistan became a mine of troubles:Whether we accept Taliban in Kabul or not; Why is India silent on this till now, know what is at stake in that country?

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Afghanistan Taliban News
Afghanistan Taliban News

Afghanistan News : “Good Taliban Bad Taliban, Good Terrorism Bad Terrorism, this is not going to work anymore. Everyone has to decide whether you are with terrorism or with humanity. make decision.”

Addressing more than 50 thousand Indians at Dubai Cricket Stadium on August 18, 2015, this statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been India’s policy regarding Taliban, but exactly 6 years later on 20 August 2021, this policy is very different from the ground reality. Is.

America, which expelled the Taliban in 2001, has run away today itself. China has become the first country to give diplomatic recognition to the Taliban. Many countries including Russia, Pakistan are ready to accept the Taliban as the new Afghan government.

In such a situation, India has not said anything about the Talibani Nizam so far. The government has neither made any statement against the Taliban in Kabul nor has said anything that shows that India will accept the Taliban in Kabul like Russia or China.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on Wednesday, “The only thing I would like to say about the talks with the Taliban is that we are in touch with all the stakeholders. Will not say anything more than that.”

While External Affairs Minister S. In response to a question on talks with the Taliban, Jaishankar said, “Right now we are monitoring the changing situation in Kabul. The Taliban and its representatives have reached Kabul, we must start from here now.”

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