Nawab Malik, who has been questioning Aryan Khan since his detention, has released additional tapes.

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Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan

Nawab Malik, the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party, has released another video purporting to show Kiran P Gosavi and Manish Bhanushali entering and exiting the NCB office on the same night that the cruise ship was raided and Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, among others, was arrested. Kiran P Gosavi was the man who allegedly snapped a viral selfie with Aryan Khan. The NCB was forced to publish a statement claiming that the individual in the viral photo is unrelated to the organisation. Bhanushali was spotted with Arbaaz Merchant, a friend of Aryan Khan. Bhanushali is a BJP leader, according to Nawab Malik.

Who took the selfie with Aryan Khan at the cruise rave party? What did NCB have to say?

Nawab Malik, pointing his gun at NCB official Sameer Wankhede, questioned a video in which Wankhede claimed the NCB had detained 8-10 persons in connection with the cruise rave party case. According to the Maharashtra minister, eight persons were arrested at the time. “Why wasn’t he certain of the number of arrests? Was it their plan to frame two more people?” According to Nawab Malik.

The matter of Shah Rukh Khan’s arrest has snowballed into a political storm a day after Nawab Malik’s arrest sparked suspicions about the Narcotics Control Bureau’s functioning, with the Maharashtra Congress demanding action against NCB officials for violations of NCB handbook guidelines.

“There are inconsistencies in the NCB officers’ accounts about the drug seizure and the private individuals present during the operations.” Manish Bhanushali was described as an independent witness by the officers, despite the fact that Bhanushali has admitted that he was an informant in the case. When handing over the accused’s custody to a private person, the officers did not obey the law. We urge that the DG of the NCB conduct an internal investigation to clarify the air. Otherwise, there will be room to believe that the agency is working to implement political agenda to defame the Maharashtra government,” Congress leader Sachin Sawant said.

Who are KP Gosavi and Manish Bhanushali?

KP Gosavi is a private investigator, and Manish Bhanushali is a BJP leader, according to sources. Both of them could have been a confidential informant for NCB in this case. NCB did not provide any information about them, nor did it comment on their presence during or after the raid. It simply stated that the individual in the photo was not an official of the NCB.

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