Sana Mir says she hopes to see India in the final of the T20 World Cup against Pakistan

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T20 World Cup: Hope to see India in final against Pakistan, says Sana Mir (AP Photo)
T20 World Cup: Hope to see India in final against Pakistan, says Sana Mir (AP Photo)

T20 World Cup, Former Pakistan women’s cricket team captain Sana Mir believes Virat Kohli is a “role model” for being an epitome of grace even in defeat, demonstrating that the India captain is a secure individual.

Sana Mir, a former captain of the Pakistan women’s team, feels India will bounce back after losing the first match, and she would love to see a Virat Kohli-led side face Babar Azam’s team in the T20 World Cup finals in 2021.

In the first Super 12 game of the T20 World Cup on Sunday, India was defeated by Pakistan by 10 wickets for the first time in an ICC global event. The Indian captain hugging winning team hero Mohammed Rizwan was, nevertheless, one of the most heartwarming images from the event.

“Virat Kohli handled the loss so gracefully, and I appreciate his sportsmanship. It’s inspiring to see top athletes, who serve as role models, act in such a manner “Mir, a former Pakistan captain, wrote for the ICC’s official website in her column.

She went on to say, “It indicates a lot of security within, and it means they have a lot of confidence to bounce back.”

Mir isn’t surprised if India makes a strong comeback in the competition.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if India bounced back soon and in a big way, and I hope Pakistan and India meet again in this tournament.”

“With this performance, Pakistan has undoubtedly become one of the tournament favourites,” she added. “However, it was encouraging to see Babar and Shaheen not get carried away while they were focusing on the following games in front of the media.”

“It’s a terrific indicator that they’re keeping their cool and that the squad is heading in the right direction,” she continued.

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